Espuelas … rustic tools used for bull riding, as noted by its definition, involves a traditional concept in Guanacaste pampas, referencing the concept, conceived at Las Espuelas Hotel under this traditional image.
Thus, Las Espuelas Hotel have an architectural design that combines with the colonial characteristics of the region. It has an aesthetic similar to the hacienda, subtle but elegant, stylish but traditional.
Whereas more than 50 years old, this facility is hosting one of the pioneers in this type of service in the province of Guanacaste, one of the most famous in “Ciudad Blanca” (Liberia).
Similarly, the hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens and common tree species of tropical dry forest, such as Guanacaste, saman, Guácimo, among others. It has recreation areas for children and camping areas, the second option for those who want to have full contact with nature.
Come ..! Enjoy all the comforts and benefits of Las Espuelas Hotel offers you … The Spurs and we guarantee that your vacation will be unforgettable.